Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chahinkapa Zoo

Last week the boys and I headed to Wahpeton, North Dakota, to go to the Chahinkapa Zoo with our local MOPS group.  Chahinkawhata?  Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either.  The meaning behind the name is here if you are interested.

Wahpeton is a 1.5 hour drive from the farm.  On this trip we had to make no less than two potty breaks which consisted of me pulling off on the nearest gravel road (thankfully it was usually just the next road crossing), stop, get Charlie out of his car seat, pull down his drawers, and relieve himself right on the ditch grass.  We didn’t get arrested.

Once we got to the parking lot I loaded the stroller with every imaginable necessity for our excursion, and met up with our friends.  There were a total of 14 kids, 5 strollers and one wagon.  Choo! Choo!  All aboard the young family express!

Our first stop was the American Bison.  We are instilling Bison Pride in our boys at an early age, but Charlie is already resisting.  Boy, do you want your college paid for or not?!

Fortunately, Levi is still interested.


Anyways, we continued our walk through the zoo and saw an alpaca and llama…

And then decided it was time to eat.  It was around noon by this time, so everyone was starving.  We found some shade in the trees and got out our lunches.  Charlie determined that the stroller was a good place to sit.

He also continued to get up and walk around holding on to his hind end.  This could only mean one thing.  After asking him several times if he needed to go to the restroom he finally agreed…in a very urgent tone.  The restrooms are located in the gift shop, which we were not anywhere near our current location.

And it was a scorcher.  What is with the 90 degree weather in early June?  Running a 36 pound child over your shoulder in high-noon heat a quarter-of-a mile (not exaggerating) up and down a very large hill is not my idea of a good time.

But you know what is worse?  Having to do it 3 times because said child refused to take action the first trip, then had moderate success on the second, and then decided that he didn’t get it all out!

At least I got my exercise in for the day, right?  And he is getting potty trained!  After that ordeal, we were ready to re-join the group and see the animals.  Here are a few of the favorites.


Those things are LOUD!  Their screeching did not help Levi’s relationship with birds.

Wrong end, buddy.


People keep telling me we should get some of these on the farm…


Duck bullies.

There were machines to purchase feed for some of the animals (including the chickens, swans, and ducks) and Charlie would come in behind after someone would purchase the feed and pick the dropped ones off of the ground – scavenger!  If only he would do this at the house around the kitchen table after he is done eating?!



Monkey see.  Monkey Do.

About halfway through the visit, Levi decided that he needed to get out of the stroller and walk with the “big kids.”

He even tried to climb the fence into Snappy the Alligator’s cage.

And take a nice rest on a bench under the shade.

Our last stop before heading home was the indoor carousel.  The kids could hardly wait to get on it!

However, when I asked Charlie which horse he wanted to sit on he just said he wanted to sit in the chair (also known as the “chariot”), so that is where we sat.

And with that we were ready to head home.  We turned the air conditioning on high, and hit the road back to the farm.  In silence…yes!

It was a great day, and even better in accompany of such great moms and friends!  We look forward to more “field trips” throughout the summer!


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