Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Green Thumb: Planting

In my last update on the garden, I had mentioned that I was getting ready for planting.  I had the plots tilled, fence up, and soil raked.

My next step in soil preparation was to put down some black plastic mulch.  My reasoning was to warm up the soil, and prevent grass and weeds that were still in the recently tilled soil from growing.

Back in February when I announced that I was planning on growing a garden, I purchased a bunch of seed online.  I just couldn't wait to get my hands on some!  Since then I had gradually purchased additional seed and plants from home improvement stores and our local greenhouse.  That is the problem with buying so early in the season – you just want to keep getting more and more!

Finally the garden was ready for seed!  Over the past two weeks I have been seeding and planting (as the boys have permitted).  I know you are all curious as to what I’ll be growing, so here is my list:

I even went to the effort of drawing the garden out.  First I just sketched by hand on graph paper, but the planner in me needed a more precise layout.  I used a free 30-day trial of this VegetableGarden Planner to plot it out.

Each box is 6" x 6"

Now everything is in the garden and various pots on our driveway and deck.

West side of garden

East side of garden

Applemint, dead Spearmint, & Peppermint

Gazanias & Herbs

And it is time to just sit and wait water, weed, fertilize, and whatever else you are supposed to do to have an abundant garden.  We’ll see if I can grow anything other than grass and weeds.

I could really use a manicure, but it would wash away any hint of my green thumb.


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