Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grill & Till

Last weekend my parents and grandpa visited the farm.  They had been here a month ago for Charlie’s birthday, but my mother is unable to go a month without seeing her grandchildren; and with it being planting season, we really cannot afford the time away from the farm to go on vacations to the Cities.

Besides visiting us, they were bringing us some wonderful gifts.  First they brought us a gas grill!

Until now, we have not had a grill at the farm, so we were very excited to be given my parents’ old one.  We were getting this new-to-us grill because they recently purchased a Memphis grill.

I love grilling in the summer.  There is something about cooking your food outside enjoying the nice weather, and the fact that it is generally a healthier way to cook meat when you are forbidden from using the oven during the air-conditioning months.

Travis has always been in charge of the grill in our relationship – something about it being “the man’s job."  Now that Travis is farming 12+ hour days, he does not have the time to stop and grill dinner/supper/whatever.  I was going to have to take over that duty.  There was just one catch…

I have never operated a gas grill.

Or really any grill for that matter.  Growing up I would assist my dad in setting up the charcoal grill when we were camping (in a cabin), but I was never put on the task of actually grilling.

On Friday, Travis gave me a quick tutorial on how to operate the grill, and then I was on my own.  I am happy to say that I successfully started it and grilled the burgers without any supervision, the kids (or me) burning themselves, or blowing anything up!

Moving on, we also were in need of a tiller for my garden.  We could have got by with borrowing my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s tiller, but when I heard that my grandpa had one that he has not been using, I kindly asked him if I could take it off of his hands.

My last update on our progress with the garden was here.  I eventually did get all of the plots marked out in time for my parents and grandpa to deliver his old tiller, which was actually my late grandma's tiller too.  When she and my grandpa first got married, she asked him if they could afford to buy a tiller.  She picked it out of a catalog, and although it was very expensive and the budget was tight in their farmer's salary, they purchased it and for years she had bountiful vegetable gardens.  It is one piece of machinery that I am going to cherish for years to come.

Unfortunately, the days prior to my parents and grandpa's visit, and all weekend long that they were here, Mother Nature decided to have a meltdown and rain…lots.  My grand plan to get my garden tilled with their help never happened.  That left me with one other option.

My husband.

Although I should be able to manage to use this tiller on my own in the future, I knew that this year it was going to be quite an impossible task with the help of my assistants, Charlie and Levi.  So with much nagging whining persuasion, Travis tilled the garden for me yesterday, as he finished up planting corn a couple of days ago.

Look at it!  It is just waiting for me to get out there and plant some seed.  I will be soon, but first I need to install the fence around it.  And mow the forest grass in-between the beds…another thing that I have never done before.  I am really starting to sound pathetic.  I do have some life skills, people!

Expanding my horizons,


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