Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fencing & The Never Ending

I am a person that likes “to-do” lists.  I mean really likes them. I have a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and sometime in my lifetime to-do lists.

This even includes my pet-projects, like the garden.  I have an on-going list of every thing that needs to be done to get the garden up and growing…and thereafter.  Whenever I think of something that needs to happen I add it to the list which, of course, is in chronological order.  If I had Microsoft Project on my computer I would probably have all of the data in there with a timeline of start and completion dates.

Yes, I know I probably could use some therapy, but it is just who I am, okay?!

In my last update on the garden, I had mentioned that I Travis got the garden beds tilled up with the rototiller my grandpa gave to me.  I also mentioned that I needed to get the grass mowed and the fence installed before any planting would occur.  I am happy to say that both items are crossed off of my garden to-do list.  Well, the mowing is a reoccurring item (submit recommendations for which therapist I should see in the comment section at the bottom of the post).

Did I mention that this was the first time that I have ever operated a lawn mower (for other than joy-riding around my grandpa’s farmyard as a kid)?  Yep, I’m just crossing things off of my things-you-should-know-how-to-do list.

I mowed the grass around the garden beds and the paths in between them with a push-mower that used to be Travis’s grandma’s before she moved into an apartment a couple of years ago.  While I don’t have any pictures of the process because Travis turned it on, gave me a quick lesson on how to run it and then got the hell out of there (he was working on special project which I will write up in a post soon), but in case you are curious here is a photo of the mower.

If you are thinking our cars need a good cleaning: no, I don’t plan on washing our cars anytime soon (my dad is shaking his head right now).  We live on gravel and they will look like that right after getting them washed anyways.  And this is coming from a clean freak.  See, I’ve come a looong way people.

Now that the grass was (temporarily) under control, I needed to install the fence.  A garden in the country needs a fence to protect the plants from small pests: rabbits, raccoons, and rambunctious children.

I previously had dug a shallow, narrow trench around the perimeter of the garden where I was planning on having the fence located.  This was to deter any animals from trying to crawl underneath the fence.

After mowing the jungle also known as the lawn, I had to clean out clumps heaps of dead grass from the fence trench.  I then installed old electric fence posts that we had leaning up against buildings around the farm.  This is quite simple since there are triangles about a foot from the bottom of the post that allows you to just push the post into the ground with your foot.

Next was the time consuming part.  I had to install the chicken wire and enclose the garden with the fence.  I had to wrap the chicken wire around the perimeter in the trench and then secure it to the posts using 12 or 14-gauge wire.  I gathered my tools and cut, bent, and twisted the wire using pliers.

Fast-forward a couple of afternoons of hard work, sweat, and tears (by the boys, not me…I think), I had a garden fence.  And temporary arthritis.

With the momentum of crossing items off of my garden to-do list, I thought that today I may I get some seed planted.  First, I had to rake the beds so that the soil was level.  After raking for about 15 minutes, I realized that no seeding was going to take place in this 24-hour time period.

After tilling the garden, I was left with a lot of miniature, dead clumps of grass mixed in with the soil.  I mean, it was a lot of garbage that I did not want in my newly planted garden.  It was pretty out of control, so I did what any not sane person would do and raked the dead grass to the end of each bed while Charlie played “KING KID OF THE MOUNTAIN!”

I then shoveled the piles onto a tarp and pulled, drug and heaved the tarp out of the entrance of the garden, around the fence to the edge of the woods where it now sits in a large pile.


I know what you are gardening enthusiasts are thinking: what are you doing dumping all of that perfectly good top soil?!

Well, I have other plans for it.  I am going to let it sit there for a couple of months while it becomes rock-hard and sprouts new grass and weeds, and then will use it in future composting projects.  You just wait and see.

Did I mention that I did all of this after doing 45 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of an ab workout while the boys were napping?

Don’t mind if I do!

I have a lot of work to do still: mulching and PLANTING!  In the next day or two…or three…I’m going to lay down some black plastic mulch on the beds where deemed appropriate for the future plants and to kill any grass and weeds that think they are going to start in my freshly raked garden beds!  Then I’ll plant some seed and a couple of seedlings that I purchased.

Bring it on!


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