Thursday, May 3, 2012

City Apartment

It is funny how your decorating style changes after you have children.

Prior to having children, we had what I considered a well decorated apartment in the suburbs.  Granted, a majority of the furnishings and decorations were purchased at IKEA (Mecca of budget decorating), but it was home.

Last summer we had the opportunity to have our apartment filmed by a marketing crew hired by the owners to put on their website.  After offering our space, we had been chosen by the owners the fall of 2010, but they didn’t get around to actually filming it until the summer of 2011.  We received a notice or two prior to the filming reminding us that we would forfeit our month of free rent – our payment for letting us film our space – if we no longer lived there.  Duh.

However, they kept pushing back the filming date, so it just added to the stress of moving to the farm.  We had not yet given them our notice that we would not be renewing our lease after almost five years of residence.  (Our employers also did not know at this point that we were in the middle of moving our life to another state).

At the time of the filming right before the 4th of July holiday, we had already moved a large portion of our belongings from the closets and cupboards over the Memorial Day weekend.  The filming was less than a week before we were to pack up the majority of the remaining belongings and large pieces of furniture – all of our non-necessities including our couch (yes, we lived without a couch for over a month).  The last items, like our bed, were moved in August when we moved to the farm for good! 

Side-note: Coordinating employee moves for a career greatly helped in my planning our move to the farm, but it is the last time I ever want to move.

Below is the marketing film of our former apartment building.  Our apartment is the third and last one featured as a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom, where  “Brad” (aka Travis), “Kelly” (aka Dana), and “Charlie” (aka Charlie) live.

(Update: Unfortunately, the video is no longer online.  It really is a shame, as it was our first "home."  The video featured our apartment, but with fake names and ended with the family eating at the mall.)

I find it comical that they say we are out dining at Eden Prairie Center.  We rarely went out to eat, especially with the kids in tow!  If I was doing anything at the mall it would have been shopping at Target.

We also never used that “gas” fireplace once.  I’m pretty sure that there were birds nesting at the top.  And it was not gas, it was wood-burning (at least when we were living there).

Watching the film does bring back lots of memories.  Charlie would run around the hallways with Travis and he learned to “swim” in the pool.  We had birthday parties in the party room.

The building did have some incredible views and was a great place to live for the time being.  However, after the birth of Levi, it was too small (hence, them omitting that we had a 5-month-old baby living in that space too!).  Thankfully, we had bigger plans.

Oh, and back to the decorating.  This is what my dining room table centerpiece usually now consists of, all just like Daddy’s.

No longer an apartment dweller,

Dana Kelly

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