Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Day

Happy Tax Day, everyone!

Well, everyone that isn’t a farmer that is.  If you are a self-employed farmer you fill out a Schedule F, which is due on March 1st rather than the usual due date of April 15th (or April 17th this year) for federal individual income tax returns.

This year we still had the April deadline because we were not yet farming full-time last year, and a majority of our income came from our cube monkey desk jobs.  We also had to file state income taxes in three different states.

However, our taxes were submitted in March thanks to our accountant!  Having an accountant that specializes in farm tax is a must, in my opinion.  It is all very confusing, with special rules and regulations.  We have to have very accurate bookkeeping, or it becomes an even bigger mess.

Guess who was put in charge of the bookkeeping for 2012?


Besides sorting receipts and tracking them on using special “farming” categories that Travis set up, I haven’t done much.  I have to learn to use whatever software Travis chooses to track our farm finances and get rolling.

Since we Travis imputed our entire year’s worth of farming related income and expenses in one day last year, I figure I’m still ahead of the game (please sense the sarcasm here).

Anyways, I hope that everyone makes out well this year!  If not, consider getting married or having a kid to get a deduction.

Because that is a good reason to have children.


Accountant Extraordinaire,

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