Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Potty Wars

A war has been raging in our household for the last five days.  On one side there are Travis & I, on the other Charlie.  What are we fighting over you may ask?


Yes, folks.  We have reached another milestone.  Charlie has turned three, and now he must join the ranks of the other preschoolers and start using the potty.

Potty training…

Is he happy about this?  Absolutely NOT!

Am I happy about this?  Absolutely NOT!

But we are doing it anyway because I am sick and tired of dealing with diaper leaks.  Charlie is able to hold enough urine in his bladder that when it comes time to pee it is like trying to contain Niagara Falls.  That, and diapers are expensive!  And he wears the largest size (6) and we still have the issues mentioned above.

I am fairly certain that he has been aware of and able to control his bodily functions for some time.  Don’t ask me why – I just know.

Okay, like how he wakes up dry almost every morning, and purposely waits to pee until he steps into the tub at bath time.

The “experts” say that you are not supposed to push potty training on your child – that he or she will start when he or she is ready.  My response after dealing with this for the past week: yeah, riiiight!

We have dealt with more tantrums and pee soaked clothing than I care to talk about.  So far the daily ratio of successful attempts to accidents is less than 50%.

He is very strong (and loud), so my attempts at holding him down on the potty have been only moderately successful and only when I am practically sitting on him on the potty – I highly doubt this would be as difficult with a younger child.

We’ve tried lots of bribery: new toys, candy, etc.   We’ve tried punishing him with taking away his tractors.  We’ve also tried different tactics like letting him pee in a coffee can (for the sound that it makes) or watching movies while on the potty.

However, so far the technique that has been working best is to let him go outside.

Over the weekend when it was 70+ degrees out we let him outside without any clothes (or diapers) on the lower half of his body.  It was pretty hilarious seeing him run around with only a shirt, baseball hat, and Croc sandals on.  Unfortunately, I did not get a photo – it would have made for some great material to show his future wife.

I was busy cleaning out the garage while my mother-in-law was watching Levi in the house and Travis was out working on some piece of farm machinery with his dad.  Charlie kept running from the driveway over to the grass.  When I would ask him if he was peeing he would say, “I’m not doing anything!”  That is his typical response for when he is up to something that he doesn’t want me to know about.

Also, besides running around like a crazy man, his hand was constantly on his junk.  Ugh…MEN!

Although I was unable to confirm whether he was actually urinating outside that day, it did spark a little bit interest in him.  We have had quite a few successful attempts by just having Travis go outside with him for a few minutes to pee with him.

And showering him with praise.

And then giving him a sucker.

And a toy.

This war will be raging for sometime.  I just hope we have enough dum-dums to last that long since my sanity is already spent.

It makes me think that we should just build an outhouse, but I doubt that he would want to use it.  When you live on a farm, your yard is constantly an outhouse (for the men…you won’t see me out there).  You would get arrested in the city for such behavior.


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  1. My mom is the only person I know who says boys are easier to train than girls, but my brother was trained on the farm (outside) and it worked great for them! She said dad wouldn't take him to "help" if he still needed diapers so he was able to control himself and pee outside pretty fast so he could hang with dad. I am scared for when that day comes for us, since I'm pretty sure that tactic won't fly on Fargo! Good luck!