Saturday, April 21, 2012

Movie Night: The Lorax

Living in (or near) a small town, you do not have very many options for entertainment.  The larger of the two small towns that we live near still has its own movie theater, which is amazing considering that the population is just over 2,000 people!

The Scenic Theater was established in 1911 and claims to be the oldest continually operating theater in the nation.  It has one screen and plays a different movie every weekend.

Prior to yesterday evening, the last movie that I saw in the theater was Avatar (3D Imax) in 2009.  Charlie was still an infant, and it was one of the rare date nights that Travis and I went on since having children.

However, my date last night was not my husband, but my son!  Charlie and I went to see The Lorax with his cousins.

Ever since Charlie saw an advertisement for that shortish, oldish, brownish (or more like orangish), mossy guy, he has been very interested in watching the movie.  In fact, there were a couple of days right when the movie was coming out in early March that he demanded to watch the trailer over and over again on the “puter.”

I recommended the the book as a gift for Charlie’s birthday knowing that I would like to eventually take him to the movie, and he received it from his aunt.  It is a really long book, and as in all Dr. Seuss books, you need to do tongue twister exercises before reading it.

After reading it so many times, we pretty much have the entire book memorized - even the “bad words,” which I have heard Charlie use on more than one occasion ever since reading the book.

Travis kept telling me to just change the words on that page to “be quiet,” but I was having a hard enough time focusing on the phonetics to do that until after I had read the line.  Oh well, I guess there are worse things he could be repeating.

Anyways, Charlie was very excited to see the movie, and so was I!

Charlie doing his best Lorax face.

The theater is very small, but that just adds to the character of it all.  There are many unique features, including an antique popcorn making machine.  Nothing is more mesmerizing to a preschooler than watching popcorn being popped.

And it is good to eat too.

The Lorax is a great movie for both kids and adults – you won’t fall asleep when you bring your kids to it!  My favorite parts were the great use of color (“Those trees!  Those Truffula Trees!”), the cute Bar-ba-loots, and the fact that all of the animals’ favorite food was marshmallows.  I may have been craving them throughout the entire movie.

The soundtrack is pretty good too.  The song “Let It Grow” is very catchy.  I actually prefer the movie version versus the Ester Dean version.  I plan on singing it over and over again while planting veggies in the garden.

Spring is here.  Go plant a seed. 


P.S.  Happy Earth Day everyone!

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