Thursday, March 22, 2012

Neck Pillow

Yesterday we had an impromptu trip to Fargo to purchase a new air compressor for the farm.  The existing one was old and never really worked right in the first place.  Travis had been talking all winter about building one himself, and I had nightmares that he was going to get killed.  I was quite relieved when he told me he was just going to buy one instead – one already assembled and in working order.

Now, I am very content going days without leaving the farm.  Since we moved back at the end of February, I really don’t think that I have left the farm more than a handful of times.  There have been a couple of trips to the grocery store, an appointment to get our taxes done, church, the Winter Show, and that is about it.  Besides Levi and myself, everyone else in this household usually goes somewhere at least every other day.  I am a home-body and there is plenty of house and yard work around here to keep me busy.

But when you mention traveling to go shopping at places other than our local grocery store, all bets are off!  Shopping yesterday consisted of Sam’s Club, Menards, and Harbor Freight for the purchase of the air compressor.  You can imagine how excited I was!  I was like a little kid jumping up and down when he is told that he gets to go to a McDonald’s Play Place (whose child would do that?...).  I didn’t even mind that I didn’t get to go to Target!

This was the first road trip that the boys have taken in a pick-up.  Charlie routinely drives around with Travis and his grandpa in the farmyard, but never in his car seat (gasp!).  Levi was especially giddy because he was sitting so high in the car seat in the backseat that he had a perfect view out of the window instead of the Lazy-Boy recliner type set-up that we have going on in the car with his regular car seat.

After a couple solid hours of shopping, we were heading back home with our beloved cargo (the kids were there too).  However, we discovered that we may need to purchase a baby neck pillow for Levi if we are to repeat this trip.

Might as well purchase a window shade too.

He was kind of cranky when he woke up.  He started demanding a neck massage, and I don’t blame him.

I was also exhausted.  I think that was exposed to too many stop lights.  At least I can breathe easy now knowing Travis has an operable air compressor.


P.S.  Happy 3rd Birthday Charlie!  More on that to come…

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