Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Bash

When your child turns one, you are surprised at how fast the past year has went by and the physical changes that your infant, and now toddler, has made.  You are possibly looking forward to (hopefully) more sleep as well.

When your child turns two, you continue to be amazed at his transition to becoming a “real person”.  You are thinking about transitioning to a big boy bed (if you haven’t already), and are wondering how you can keep the kid actually in the bed in the middle of the night when he is running amuck in his room…or yours.  The terrible two’s are looming…and your sanity is on the brink.

When your child turns three you are entertained by the personality your child developed and the things that come out of his mouth, and are anticipating preschool in the upcoming fall.  Some parents may be wondering when/if your kid will ever get potty trained so that their child can actually go to preschool.

This past week Charlie turned 3 years old.  We are constantly amused by his quirks and thoroughly enjoy having conversations with him.  We are also wondering if he will ever get potty trained, but that is another subject for another time.

On his actual birthday, we celebrated with just our immediate family.  I made him chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting dipped in sprinkles.  He is obsessed with sprinkles, so I think that he oversaw that they were made from a box.  Here is a small clip of him blowing out his candles.  How many times does it take a kid to blow out birthday candles???  We considered it practice for his party this weekend.

We are also working on him saying how old he is, instead of “GREAT!”  He did get that down by the weekend.

You may catch that I call him “Kai.”  That is one of our nicknames for him.  He couldn’t say “Charlie” when he first learned to talk, but instead called himself “Kai.”  I wonder when he will stop letting us call him that.  We used to call him “cuddlebug,” but we are not allowed to call him that anymore per his orders (tear).

The actual birthday party was this past weekend.  My parents and grandpa came up to the farm along with Travis’s parents, both grandmas, his sister and brother-in-law, and our two nieces.  All of us had not been together at the same time since we returned to the farm this winter, so it was great to see everyone.

Here is a clip of Charlie blowing out the candles at his party.

His shear giddiness while being sang to brings a smile to my face every time.  It was really cute in church on Sunday when the pastor announced that one of our members was turning thirteen and had her stand up so that the congregation could sing to her.  She was a couple of rows behind us, so Charlie thought that everyone was singing to him and not her.  He had basically the same reaction as in the clip above, except this time did not have chips in his mouth.

Levi had a cupcake at the party too, but all he really did was poke at it.

Next we opened gifts.  All four kids were in on the action.

Levi did much better this time in not eating the gift wrap, but I’m thinking that it was because he had a pacifier in his mouth.

Usually Charlie could care less about the birthday cards, but there was one that he is particularly fond of.  As you open it up more bulldozers appear.

It was from my grandpa, Charlie’s great-grandpa.  Here is a photo of them together from this weekend:

What is so cute about this card is that my grandpa had purchased a different card for Charlie, but then saw this one and so he purchased it also.  He came all the way from northern Iowa for the party.  He is a “retired” farmer, and had to see what we were up to on our farm.  I say “retired” because I believe that farmers never really retire.  In fact, I think that he was slightly disappointed that we didn’t put him to work!  He is coming back in a month and I am sure will want to assist then.

The partying didn’t end there.  On Sunday we were invited to a birthday party for one of our neighbor boys, Nolan.  He is a year and a day older than Charlie and they had not met until Sunday.  His dad is the one who had cows in our pasture this past summer.

For the first hour of the party, Charlie would not leave Nolan’s room.  Let’s just say Nolan has a greatest collection of farm toys he has ever seen: combines, tractors, plows, etc.  After a while the boys started playing with Nolan’s set of trains and had their engines following each other around the dining room table saying “choo choo” in unison.  Charlie has been asking me when we get to go back to Nolan’s house ever since we left.  I think they are going to become fast friends.

It was a great weekend seeing family, pouring some extra attention on Sir Charles, and meeting new friends.

Oh, I ate the last cupcake today.  It didn’t have sprinkles on it so Charlie didn’t care.  Just thought I’d share.


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