Saturday, February 18, 2012

Macho Man

On Monday, Levi had his one-year well-visit with the pediatrician.  These appointments can sometimes not be the most pleasant experience for parent and child since there is some poking and prodding, but our boys have never minded seeing the doctor.  They actually think that it is a social function and a way to garner more attention.  The waiting room also has a large fish tank.

For this visit, we were curious as to Levi’s growth in the past 3 months.  We had not been weighing him every other day like we had with his brother when he was a baby.  Some people may assume that we were over bearing with him being our first born, which may have been true.  However, there was more to it.

Charlie was a very chunky stocky baby weighing in around 28 pounds at his one-year appointment.  Since birth, he was ranging in the 90th percentile for his weight and height measurements.  This percentage is based on the averages of all babies in the US, but I have heard that babies in the Midwest tend to be on the higher end of the scale (farm kids?).

Around 18 months Charlie started to loose some of his baby fat.  He actually didn’t loose weight; he just didn’t gain any more pounds for over a year.  That had one doctor (who we didn’t see on a regular basis but had to make an appointment with because I didn’t schedule it with his regular doctor enough in advance) highly concerned, and we were like relax man!  The kid could have been considered obese in the infant community, and he began to “slim down” when he finally started walking at 18 months and getting a little more exercise.

Two words: Daddy daycare.

I was fairly certain that Levi did not weigh as much as Charlie at this same age of 12 months just, but since our scale is broken I was not able to confirm my hypothesis.

Levi - 12 Months

Charlie - 12 months

Maybe the extra weight was in the hair?  Or the cheeks?  I don’t know…it is kind of hard to compare chubby and chubbier.

Well, it turns out that I was right about Levi weighing less than Charlie did.  His 12-month measurements: weight is 24 lbs. 7 oz. (74th percentile), length of 31” (78th percentile), and head is 18-1/4” (51st percentile…he hasn't inherited Travis’s large head quite yet).

The end of each well-visit marks the dreaded vaccines.  As recommended by the CDC, a child should receive vaccines against up to 16 preventable diseases, and that does not include the influenza vaccine each year.  There has been some controversy into vaccines that can pull at a parent’s heartstrings as to whether they are doing the “right thing” by giving vaccines or not, but I am not going to get into that here.  Just put it this way: your child will get stuck with a needle at least twice each well-visit (8 visits until they are two years old) for the betterment of society.

Fortunately, our boys are the macho men of getting vaccines.  Neither of them has gone into hysterics about getting shots the way I have heard children in adjacent rooms at the doctor’s office.  In fact, there has been more than one occasion where neither of them has made a peep while getting their shots.  They just look up at me like, “Really?  Is that all that you got?”  Pacifiers always help in these situations followed by a bottle…for the baby, not you.

This week Levi received immunizations for MMR and varicella (chicken pox).  He cried for 1.25 seconds and then was back to his usual self of trying to break free from my arms so that he can get into his brother's business.

What I did not expect from this visit was to go to the lab to get a Levi’s blood drawn for a hemoglobin test, which apparently is a standard procedure.  I didn’t recall Charlie having this done at 12-months.  And I don’t like getting my own blood drawn let alone my baby’s!  However, I remained calm and held Levi in my lap while the phlebotomist poked a needle into his tiny vein on his left arm.  What happened next shocked everyone in the room: Levi didn’t make a peep or even cringle his face!  The lady put the gauze on his chubby arm in amazement and said thanks for being such a great patient!

Later in the evening, Levi was showing off his war wounds before his bath.

Have you seen the Luv’s diaper’s “Heavy Dooty Champion” commercial?  This photo reminds me of it.  In case you don’t watch preschool related television programming all day like me, I’ll share it with you (see link).

Maybe you have to have small children in diapers to appreciate the humor in it, but I think that it is hilarious!  No so hilarious when you are actually dealing with a blow-out, but you can always appreciate a little humor in life's grody moments.

Look at that body.  He must work out.


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