Sunday, February 12, 2012

Charlie’s Ouchie: All Better!

A little over a week ago, we had our final appointment for Charlie’s broken collar bone with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  To catch up on the whole story, you can read about how he broke his collar bone here, and our initial appointment with the specialist here.

We had a more pleasant experience at the doctor this time as Charlie did not throw any tantrums.  In fact, he was actually quite excited.

If Levi could talk he would have been saying, “Where am I?  What is going on???”

There were a variety of chairs in the waiting room, and Charlie decided that the largest one in the place was “just his size.”  He even invited Travis to take a seat with him.

Once the nurse called us back, the first thing she had us do was get more x-rays taken of Charlie’s collar bone to see how it was healing.  Fortunately, Charlie is not scared of the large machine or the noise it makes.

Although, after this photo I was a little scared of him.

Maybe we should have been performing an ultrasound on his abdomen instead?

The x-rays came back with good news!  After 4 weeks since the initial injury, Charlie’s collar bone is almost like new.  To say that Charlie healed quickly is an understatement.

All that remains are a small hair-line crack (my words, not the doctor’s) and his body’s makeshift band-aid.  As the doctor explained it to us, in this type of injury on a young child, the body creates a “band-aid” around the facture to help hold everything in place as it heals.  You can get a better view of it in the x-ray that was taken at an angle below.

Charlie has a small bump (the band-aid) around his fractured collar bone that will be dissolved around 100 days after the injury, so sometime in April that will be gone.

There were really no surprises at the appointment.  There was no doubt in our minds that he was healing.  The past couple of weeks, we were really having to hold him back from using his arm for climbing, lifting and pushing is brother around…so instead of using his arm to move Levi out of his way, he would push him with his head like a ram.

Oh, but don’t worry about Levi.  He can take care of himself.

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