Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Big ONE!

This past weekend was Levi's first birthday.  I can hardly believe it!  We celebrated with family at my parent’s house in the Twin Cities.

I put my sister and her boyfriend in charge of bringing Levi and Charlie both a balloon since Charlie associates any party with balloons, presents, and cake.  (Luckily, this party had all three.)  And they didn't bring just any balloons…

Charlie got a life size balloon of Thomas the Train.

And Levi got a massive cupcake.

Charlie acknowledges that the cupcake balloon is Levi’s, but he still thinks that it is his possession as well.  I’m now wondering if the balloons will ever deflate.

After an excellent meal prepared by my mom, we were on to the good stuff.  No, not cake yet, but presents!  Charlie actually started opening them before anyone was paying attention.  He found this present hiding in our pantry twice before it was actually wrapped for the party.  Dang kids!

Travis & I purchased Levi this Amazing Machines: Truckload of Fun book set.  Throughout the winter, we have checked out every book that comes in the set from the library, and Charlie has insisted on reading them every night.  Levi also liked to try and rip the pages out of them, so our set may remain on the high bookshelf until he gets over the phase of wanting to eat all things paper…

Gift wrap included.


They are pretty excited about the books, but they got lots of other great presents too.  Yes, they…wouldn’t it be great to be a kid again, and get a present anytime it is a sibling’s birthday?!

Finally, it was time to eat the cake!  I was going to make Levi’s birthday cake, but there was the whole transportation issue of getting it to my mom’s house, and Costco had red velvet cakes on sale for Valentine’s Day, so I took the easy way out.

You can’t tell by Levi’s face, but the cake was excellent!  He is still getting used refusing to eat any texture of food that is not gooey mush.

It was a great celebration, but it was time for the boys’ naps.  Levi is quite the cuddler, and sure knows how to melt a grandma’s (and his mama’s) heart.

He has grown up very quickly, but I am happy that I get to spend everyday with him and his brother.  It does seem to slow down the clock a little bit...

Okay, maybe not.  I just located this picture of Charlie on his first birthday.

The boys may not be babies anymore, but I’ll still call them that from time to time.

Happy Birthday Baby Weevi!


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