Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preschool Werewolf

Be aware what is lurking around bathtubs in the upper Midwest.  Recent reports have spotted a young preschool werewolf terrorizing his mother on a daily basis.

Remember way back in December when I mentioned that I needed to get Charlie a hair cut as soon as possible???  Well, I finally got around to scheduling that appointment and yesterday he got a haircut.

Prior to the haircut, Charlie’s hair had a mind of its own, like an innocent preschooler morphing into a scraggily werewolf that could not be tamed.  Here I an example of what it looked like most days after sleeping on it.

Charlie is modeling my old Bluetooth that was purchased prior to 2006.  Travis had been using it for years and recently got a new one, which he is very pleased with.  Now he can talk on the phone even more…don’t say I didn’t warn those of you who talk on the phone with him frequently.

Anyways, the only time Charlie’s hair looked remotely acceptable is right after his bath when he allowed me to comb it.  This is the face that he gave me when I asked him to smile nice for the camera.

So to tame this beast, we went and got his haircut.

He was thrilled.  Well, not really.  He was just waiting to get it over with so that he could go play.

I think that he’s ready for summer.  Too bad the farm isn’t remotely close to a lake where he could do some real jet skiing.  That, and we don’t own a jet ski.  We own a Bobcat.

Even Levi got in on some of the action.

I couldn’t get Charlie to hold still long enough to get a good “after” photo.  To say that his shoulder isn’t hurting him anymore is an understatement.  We have a doctor appointment next week where he gets to have “pictures of my bones” taken again.

Alpha Mom of the Wolfpack,

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