Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ode to Pizza Ranch

What do farmers do in the winter when they don’t have any plans on the weekend?  Why they go look at farm equipment, of course!

A couple of weekends ago, Travis, the boys and I packed up the car to drive 45 minutes to look at a new-to-us corn header for the combine.  Yes, we lead very exciting lives.

His dad had recently bought a new-to-us corn planter that has a different row width than our current planter and combine header.  Without getting too technical for the non-farmers out there (myself included), you need your planter row width and your corn header width for the combine to match.  And for those of you who are really curious, we are going from 36” rows to 30” rows.

I don’t have a picture of the full corn header, but this is what I do have.

Apparently Travis was more interested in taking photos of key parts on the header than photos for the blog (oh, the indignity!).

The only photo I took is of Charlie “helping” to cleaning off the back side of it.

But that is not the point of this post!  The point of this post is FOOD, not farm equipment.

We had left just before lunch dinner time, and needed to eat as soon as possible.  As we were pulling into the small town, we knew our choices would be minimal.

Travis and I would eat out quite often back when we were living in the Twin Cities and prior to having children.  I usually went out to eat for lunch (Brueggers, yum!) and we were regulars at Old Chicago on the weekends (Italian Nachos and Meat Me calzone…forgetaboutit).  I was also carrying around the extra weight to prove it.

Then we had Charlie (and Travis was laid off…dang economy), so eating out was considered a luxury.  There was also the whole issue of finding a babysitter, and having a strict bedtime because I would be getting up multiple times a night to deal with care for a crying baby.  Little did I know at the time that this would help prepare me for life in the country.

Living in near a small town you have to grow accustomed to not having many choices on dining selections.  Typically, there is the fixture cafe, bars (VFW included), and sometimes a Subway or Dairy Queen (although that just may be a Minnesota thing).

However, one of the great things that I have discovered about living near our small town is a franchise knows as the Pizza Ranch.

There is so much to love about this place!

First, the buffet is AMAZING.  I could literally eat an entire meal of Cheesy Ranch Stix and Cactus Bread Dessert.  Oh yeah, there is a bunch of delicious pizzas and fried chicken too, but I am all about going straight for as many carbs as humanly possible.

Second, they have take-out, so you can hire your husband as a delivery man and have pizza delivered to your farm if you really are craving it (I have never done this.  Seriously, I haven’t…that is not to say it won’t happen in the future).

Third, I kind of like the kitschy cowboy décor.

Yes, my child has stains on his shirt and crazy hair (this was before the haircut) – no big deal.  He probably needs a diaper change too.

Needless to say, as soon as we spotted the Pizza Ranch on our way to look at the corn header we immediately sped into the parking lot.

If you have never eaten at a Pizza Ranch before, you must stop by one the next time you are driving to look at farm equipment your extended family get-together in the middle of no-where.  You won’t regret it.  Although your pants might.

Travis and his dad are going to look at the same corn header again in a couple of weeks (if it hasn’t sold yet).  Do you think that it would be out of line to ask them to pick me up some pizza?


P.S.  Pizza Ranch, Old Chicago, and Brueggers did not sponsor this post.  I do not have any sponsors, duh!

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