Sunday, January 8, 2012

Charlie's Ouchie

This weekend marks the first major injury for the Dagman household.

Saturday evening, Travis and the boys were playing in the living room while I was cleaning up in the kitchen.  Levi was getting an airplane ride from Travis when Charlie climbed on to the couch, and as Levi came in for his “landing” he kicked Charlie off of the couch.  His right shoulder broke his fall.

And by broke, I mean his right collar bone is fractured.

When Charlie was initially injured, we weren’t sure if it was his shoulder or collar bone that was hurting him.  We weren’t sure whether to bring him into the doctor that night because he did have a great range of movement with his arm. Travis had looked up on the computer that this is not uncommon in children with collar bone injuries, but we also did not want be the overprotective parents who bring their kid into the doctor anytime they get a bruise.  After we got him calmed down, we gave him some Tylenol decided to let him sleep and see if he was any better in the morning.

The next morning Charlie was calling from his room.  This isn’t out of the ordinary, but he had started crying because he could not push himself up to a sitting position with his bum arm.  So we called the nurse line and got an appointment for pediatric urgent care.  On the car ride to the appointment, I told Charlie that he probably would have to get some pictures taken of his bones, and reminded him of “The Letter X Song” that Cookie Monster sings on Sesame Street.

At the appointment the doctor confirmed our fears that he probably had a broken collar bone, but she sent us down to get some x-rays to make sure. Surprisingly, Charlie was in very good spirits and a little excited to get pictures taken of his bones.  This is a video that I took of him in the elevator. 

Then in the x-ray waiting room he actually wanted me to take pictures of him (please reference my post on “No Pictures”).

He was not scared of the x-ray machine and even smiled when the technician took the “pictures.”  We went back up to the pediatric office to hear our his fate.  Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the x-rays, but there staring back at us was a broken collar bone.  The fracture is right in the middle of the bone, almost as if it was in one piece with a crack down the middle.  I should be an orthopedic surgeon.  Not.

We are going to see the real expert, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, at the end of the week to check Charlie’s progress.  Apparently the bone is supposed to heal itself.  He is just supposed to avoid any physical play...wrestling, airplane rides, all of which are a part of his and Travis’s typical evening routine.

They gave him a very fashionable sling to wear that is supposed to help with his comfort and not necessarily the healing of the bone.  He doesn’t have to wear it if is more of a battle for me to get on (and keep on) and risk the chance of hurting him more.  But he sure does look cute.

After we left the doctor, he just wanted to play with the toys in the waiting room.

And go get some candy at home.  He had M&M’s for lunch.

He is going to Fleet Farm right now with Travis to buy another toy tractor.

It is impossible to not feel guilty when your kid gets hurt under your own care.  If we can smother him with candy, toys, and Thomas DVD’s from the library to keep his mind off of the pain that is what we are going to do.  I need to keep any ounce of sanity that I have left.

I’ll keep you posted on his progress…and mine.

Nurse Dana

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