Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charlie's Ouchie: An Update

This morning we had an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to check on the progress of Charlie’s collar bone.

Over the last couple of days, we had noticed that he was improving.  He had stopped constantly asking whining for candy and was being more daring about getting off of the couch himself to request another "Thomas & Friends" movie (by pushing the button to open and close the DVD player…open, close, open, close…it is just like when a toddler first discovers the TV has a power button – you want to rip the power cord out of the wall and just tell him that it is “broken”).  After I had repeatedly told him to not put any weight on or use his hurt arm, I quit giving him Tylenol.  He obviously didn’t need it.

He has been refusing to wear his sling, so as a safety measure we have been quarantined to the house for four days.  We have gone outside to get some fresh air, and so Charlie can “fix on things” with his tools stick.

He was feeling so good that I figured our appointment was going to be a breeze.  That didn’t happen.  For some reason, maybe that we were at a different building, maybe that the waiting room was not the one he was used to with the aquarium and fun toys, or maybe the fact that it was freezing outside, he decided to have a temper tantrum right there in the waiting room.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being minor and 10 being the world is coming to an end), it was really only about a 6, but a tantrum nonetheless.  My usual remedy for public temper tantrums (which have been minimal, thankfully) of picking him up and holding him like a straight jacket to control the flailing limbs and calm him down was not an option due to his injury, so there we sat with a whaling child offering anything and everything that I had in the diaper bag: chocolate flavored goldfish crackers – no, Trix cereal – no, Levi’s baby food – no (that one made him pause for a second).

We were called into our patient room and the nurse was trying to be helpful in showing him his x-rays, the model skeletons, you name it.  But what got him to calm down was the nurse’s secret weapon: stickers.  And not just any stickers, “Thomas & Friends” stickers.  Check out his loot…toot, toot!

The doctor came in to discuss his injury and take a look at his collar bone.  Here is his x-ray from earlier in the week.  You can’t see it in x-rays, but apparently there is a skin-like membrane that coats our skeletons, and that is what is holding Charlie’s broken bone in place.

The doctor did tell Charlie that he needs to wear his sling when he goes outside the house so that other people know that he is injured (or has an “ouchie”).  It also will help to prevent him from using that arm, but it should heal just fine in three more weeks.  We will go back then to have another x-ray done and confirm that it has healed completely.  Four weeks to heal a broken bone without a cast is amazing; kids have super-powers when it comes to healing.

On the way home we stopped by the library to pick up more Thomas movies, and then got the mail.  There waiting for Charlie was a care package from his uncle, aunt, and cousins!  We opened it up, and what did we find?!

A Bobcat skid-steer loader!

It has made Charlie very happy!  (Please notice the chocolate flavored goldfish cracker remnants.  He finally decided to eat those on the car ride home.)

Levi was also was very intrigued by it, so we had to move Charlie and the Bobcat to the gated area by the stairs, aka “jail,” to avoid any tackling (Levi being the aggressor…not joking).

I gave Levi the box to play with instead and he was just as happy as his brother.

We’ll continue to take it easy for the remaining three weeks, but I am not sure how long I will be able keep us calm sane inside the house.  We may just end up checking out every “Thomas & Friends” DVD the library has to offer.  I’m really thinking that we’ll have to move on to another series.  I can only take so much of that cheeky blue engine.

Nurse Dana


  1. Is Charlie qualified to "fix on" a gas regulator/meter? Seems potentially dangerous...

    1. Don't worry, he is an expert...poking things with sticks is serious business.