Thursday, December 15, 2011

Purple Lipstick

Please let me apologize in advance for this post, but I am under a sugar overload (Christmas cookie bake-a-thon) and sleep deprived (Levi thinks that his new bedtime is after midnight).

That being said…

This is what happens when you feed a baby your berry banana smoothie.

And soon is followed by this.

And this.

Did I mention that Levi’s current favorite thing to do is open his mouth wide and throw his head back like he is belly laughing as soon as I get the camera out? It is his version of the cheesy smile.

Now I know what he looks like with purple lipstick on.  Purple is my favorite color…just not in shades of lipstick.



  1. Good job Levi , that's how Larry and I eat sometimes, except we have to clean up after ourselves... good thing you have mom. Dana- are you working on them pecan sandies.

  2. No pecan sandies this year. They were an epic fail the one and only time I made them...

  3. I didn't know you were one to give up on cookie perfection, I guess I will have to bake my own.