Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cookies for Santa

A few of days before Christmas, Charlie and I completed our last round of baking for the holiday season.  He needed to make cookies to leave out for Santa!

As I had mentioned previously here, we were using up a box of Holiday Funfetti cake mix because I wanted to get rid of it after making Cake Batter Chocolate Bark, but mainly because Charlie loves sprinkles.  I tried to change it the morning of and convince Charlie to make these Grinch Crinkles instead, but he very adamantly reminded me that these cookies were for Santa, not the Grinch.  And he wanted SPRINKLES!

So we got out the box of cake mix and got baking.

First Charlie had to do an inspection of the mixer to make sure that it was in working order.

It pasted his test and we were set to go.

Oh my, check out that hair.  He needs a hair cut, bad.

I continued to take photos of him and this is what I got…times ten.

Then he gave me the “no pictures” look, and I knew it was time to move on.

I sent him into the living room to watch some good ol’ PBS cartoons while I completed the baking part, because young children and ovens just don’t go well together.

Roll ‘em.

Smash ‘em.

Bake ‘em.

Frost ‘em.

Charlie came out of his television trance and finally noticed that I had the cookies baked and frosted.

And immediately ate a cookie.

And licked his fingers.

Cookies for breakfast…yummy!

Charlie helped decorate with sprinkles, and more sprinkles landed on the parchment paper than the actual cookies themselves.

In case you were concerned, they didn’t go to waste.  Charlie claimed all of those sprinkles as “mine” (his).

That is until I could distract him enough to throw them in the garbage…sticking another cookie in front of him worked wonders.

Note to self: schedule haircut immediately.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve.

Before Charlie went to bed on Christmas Eve he helped set out a glass of milk and what was left of the cookies for Santa, but not without eating a couple of sprinkles off of them first.

Christmas morning.

Can you believe it?!  Santa ate all of his milk and cookies!

And brought Charlie a shiny red tractor that matches Daddy’s tractor (that is used to pull the sprayer and grain cart).

Charlie’s response: “Where’s the sprayer?!”…”Go to the farm and get the grain cart.”…Maybe next year, Santa.

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Levi.

However, he would just rather play with the wrapping paper (and his brother’s toys).

Christmas was a success!  We enjoyed every minute of it, and will cherish the memories with the boys forever.

Merry Christmas!


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