Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We were in the Cities visiting my parents for Halloween.  Had we been on the farm, we would have gone into town for trick-or-treating.  Since we were in suburbia, we had plenty of choices for spooktacular activities, but we decided to just stick around the neighborhood.

Meet my Chunky Monkeys.

Okay, Travis isn’t chunky, but the other two live up to the title (or Charlie did before he started to loose his baby weight...tear).

Last year was Charlie’s first time trick-or-treating.  We also were at my parent’s house then and went to a handful of houses via his little red wagon.

This year, again, we had started a little earlier than everyone else, so many people were still out lighting up their jack-o-lanterns and putting the finishing touches on their decorations.

Charlie was a little more in tune with what was going on (cough, candy!), but he still needed training on the process.  Every time we walked up to a house Travis would remind Charlie that he has to ring the doorbell, say “trick-or-treat” to get the candy, say “thank you” and put it in his bag.

It went more like this: walk up to the house, ask the people “what you doin’ out here?!,” ring the doorbell as many times as he can before Travis stops him, after the resident answers the door say “what you doin’ in there?!,” proceed to yank the candy bowl out of the person’s hands, say “blue one!,” shove the bowl back at the person if they did not have any candy with blue wrappers or carry as many of the candies with the blue wrappers as you can as you leave…all while being a very cute little monkey.

Meanwhile, Levi took a nap.

Once we got home I dumped out Charlie’s candy to see the goods.  Much to my dismay a large percentage of the candy was the “blue ones” – aka Almond Joys.

I hate coconut in candy.  You think chocolate covered anything would be okay, but coconut as the main ingredient makes me gag.  That being said, I didn’t know whether to scold him for only taking candy that is in a blue wrapper because I wouldn’t be able to eat it…or praise him because I wouldn’t be eating it.

Anyways, it was a fun day and the weather was great!  Remember the blizzard on Halloween twenty years ago?

Flashback alert!  Since we were at my parents I went through the albums in search of a particular photo…

Circa 1991

I was supposed to be a dancer on Broadway (not a showgirl dancer) and my sister was Mickey Mouse.  It is kind of hard to tell with the 7 layers of clothing we had on.

Munching on candies without blue wrappers,

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  1. How dare you remind me that blizzard was 20 years ago! I feel so old...

    Your chunky monkeys are adorable - hope all is well,

    -Tim A