Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble Gobble Till You Wobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had our Thanksgiving feast this year at my parent’s house in the Cities.  There was lots of good food and the boys didn’t mind having lots of attention.

Even Levi got to have turkey & sweet potatoes baby food.  Yum…not.  He really seems to like it anyways.

After he ate we decided that his pants were too constricting, so we just took them off.  You would have thought that the elastic waist would have been forgiving enough.  Not so.  Even his socks were to the point of cutting off circulation.

However, Levi being the motivated infant that he is decided to take the healthy route and burn off the calories by climbing the stairs.  He likes to continuously slap the wood to see if he can rub off the varnish.  SMACK!...SMACK!

Had he been able to walk, I’m sure that he would have been doing plenty of wobbling along with his gobbling.  He is getting close to cruising along the furniture, but any attempts of getting him to walk by holding on to our hands results in him voluntarily plopping down on the floor.  Some babies are so stubborn!

After our meal, we said goodbye to my side of the family and headed up to the farm to see Travis’s family.  Although the car ride went well, it is not recommended to drive 5 hours after consuming enough turkey for an entire year.  We were tired!

On Black Friday the horrible day where shopping becomes a sport and brings out the worst in society, Travis, his dad, his mom, Charlie, and 91-year-old grandma, drove to Fargo to do some “shopping.”  The men were looking at some equipment for the farm at an upcoming auction sale, and the women were going to various retail stores.  I decided to stay home at the farm with Levi.  I can barely handle shopping on a weekend afternoon let alone the busiest retail event of the year, especially with children in tow.  No surprise that Fargo was zoo and I probably would have gone into cardiac arrest (not that the food consumption would have had any part in that).

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with the family and eating more food.  I wish that wearing yoga pants was socially acceptable in these situations.  I’m sure that I could have got away with it - I just don’t need the proof in photos twenty years from now.

On a side note, if I have to hear any more discussions on seed, plants just may sprout out of my ears.  I realize that choosing the right seed for your crop is important and can have a great impact on yields, but I just have had my fair share of it lately.  Certain people in this family could talk about it for an eternity…

We wrapped up the weekend by attending a shop party on Saturday evening.  For those of us who didn’t grow up in an area where people had more than one building on their property besides maybe a house, please let me explain: a shop party is a party in…a shop.

Every year, one of our neighbors invites people over to his heated (and very well insulated) shop that is typically used to work on his race cars.   He clears the concrete floor, sets up tables and everyone brings a dish (or more) to eat and catch up.  It was nice to meet more of the “neighbors” and put names to faces.  I am still getting used the foreign concept of calling them neighbors when they are a couple of miles away.  I guess anyone that lives in the same township is considered a neighbor.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend with family and friends (and neighbors), and didn’t get attacked by any crazed shoppers!  I will be enjoying Cyber Monday from the comfort of our couch wearing my yoga pants.

Gobbling & Wobbling (well, not really…I hope),

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