Monday, November 7, 2011

Fantastic Farm Machines

I recently checked out a bunch of books from the library for Charlie.  One of those books was Fantastic Farm Machines by Cris Peterson.  When I had reserved the book for Charlie, I knew that he would like it for a couple reasons: it was about farming (farm equipment in particular), it had a lot of photos, and it was about farming. 

The book has not left his side ever since we brought it home – literally.  It has to be in the same room as him at all times.  Santa is seriously contemplating bringing him a copy for Christmas because there could be a serious temper-tantrum come the day this copy has to be returned to the library, and Mommy cannot afford indefinite late fees.

Last night when Travis was reading books to Charlie before bed, he called me into the room for an urgent matter.  Not surprisingly, they were reading the farm book and on the page about grain drills.

I have learned quite a bit about these drills in the past couple of months because Travis and his dad purchased one this summer.  Farmers with a new piece of equipment are like kids with a new toy – they live, breathe, sleep the thing.

Travis told me that there was a major flaw in the accuracy of one of the photos.

And he wanted me to figure out what it was.

He likes to play these games with me.  Is it to see if I am really paying attention when he is talking to me about farming?  Or is it to laugh at me when I come up with some ridiculous answer?  Or does he like it when I scowl at him?  All of these are viable questions.

Luckily, it was a fairly easy one to figure out.

The grain drill is drilling seed into a field that is already planted.  See how the dirt as green rows starting to sprout?  That was the dead giveaway as I have witnessed a drill in operation.

There should be no green things already coming out of the soil when you are planting.  The wheat stubble is fine in our case as wheat is what Travis was planting.  (I apologize for the cloud of dust, but it hadn't rained for weeks.)

After I gave my answer, Travis’s response was an enthusiastic “very good!”  I don’t think that he thought I would be able to answer that quickly – and be correct.

I rolled my eyes and left the room to finish getting Levi ready for bed.

So much for his urgent matter.


(Update: The verdict is out on what crop the operator is exactly planting into in the photo from the book, but that is not the point.  The point is that Travis thought he could stump me, and he didn't!)

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  1. Very funny!!!

    Emma and Lyla recently discovered your blog. They love it!!