Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard

“Work Hard, Play Hard,” or so the saying goes…so far this summer it has been a whole lotta workin’.  Since we moved in August a lot has been accomplished on the farm.

Winter wheat harvest: done.

Spring wheat harvest: done.

(reference above photo…I can’t tell the difference between them, especially after harvest)

Winter wheat planting: done.

Soybean harvest: done.

Corn harvest: DONE!

And that was only two and a half months.

We still have a lot of field work to get done before the snow falls (we meaning the men on the farm).  Currently they are hard at work…

Discing cattails in marshes that have dried up.

Chisel plowing harvested soybean fields.

And shredding the remaining corn stalks.

Then there will be equipment to fix, grain to sell, and books to get up to date (and I really have no idea what else there is to do...I'm sure there is much more).

Truthfully, the work of a farmer never ends.

So until the adults around here can take a well deserved break, the kiddos continue to make up for the “play hard” part of the “work hard, play hard” motto.

Levi played so hard he fell asleep in his high chair.

All in a days work.


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