Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warsh Yer Hands

Growing up my mom said that I would come home dirty everyday from daycare because I spent my entire day in the sandbox.  Dirt in my hair, shoes, diaper/underwear, you name it.

When Charlie was going to daycare he also would come home covered in dirt/sand (there is still sand in his car seat from him taking off his shoes in the car), and usually some dried up food on his face too.

But that did not prepare me for how dirty the family gets working on the farm.

After working outside, everyone must immediately wash their hands when entering the house.

Every time Charlie comes in the house from helping Travis, I feel like I need to get the pressure washer out. 


Am I a bad parent for taking photos of my child at his worst moments?  Don’t answer that question.

With the power of Oxy Clean I was able to salvage these pants.  Note to self: you are no longer allowed to purchase light colored clothing for your children unless you expect to burn them afterward.

Speaking of burning...

A little something for the pyromaniacs out there.

Anyways, at least I have only had to remove dirt and grime from clothing.  Thankfully, manure has not entered the equation…yet…and I am not talking about baby blowouts here.

Neat freak,

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  1. Hang in there Charlie, some day you will be able to run faster than you mother.