Thursday, October 13, 2011


The last weekend in September the Sheyenne Valley Arts & Crafts Association holds their annual SVACA Days in Fort Ransom, ND.  This post is a little overdue, but at the time of the event I had more important things like killer ladybugs and diseased cats to talk about.

SVACA Days is a very popular arts & crafts fair in the state and surrounding area.  This year vendors came from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Idaho, Montana, and even Palm Desert, California (this is the city where Travis worked in his one-year stint in CA...where I told him I was not moving to a place that is hell on earth in the summer).

Anyways, my mom had come up earlier in the week to help me paint the living and dining rooms, kitchen, and mud room in the farmhouse.  She is an arts & crafts fair enthusiast, so we decided to check it out.

We were very impressed with the variety of crafts, and the quality and craftsmanship of the work.  Before we left for the fair I told myself that I was not allowed to purchase anything since half of our belongings were still in boxes, but had I brought my wallet, these are a few things that caught my eye.

Canning Jar Soap Dispensers

Wouldn’t these look perfect in a farmhouse?  But I realize that I have small boys, and these would probably be broken immediately.  I adore the blue colored ones too.

Stained Glass

I have always loved stained glass, especially in arts and crafts or prairie-style homes. Frank Lloyd Wright was an architecture genius.


There were some beautiful pieces of jewelry, especially this piece.  Some of you may know that making jewelry was a hobby of mine…before I had children.  Now my tools and beads will remain boxed up for at least a couple of years since, a) the beads are a choking hazard to both boys, and b) the necklaces are a choking hazard for me when I am wearing them (thank you, Levi).  Until then I’ll dream of one day being able to make a necklace this gorgeous!

Metal Sculptures

Please note that these will be the only pigs allowed on the farm, ever!

Except for these piggies…

Or this hog…

My dad decided to drive his Harley to farm for the weekend since my mom was already here and the weather was perfect.  He also calls arts & crafts fairs “crap shows.”  Charming, isn’t he.

Yes, there was something for everyone at SVACA Days.  There were other booths with your typical fair finds of quilts, embroidered sweatshirts, painted wood signs with funny sayings, and kitchen towels galore.  But even those were done with a modern touch and not as kitchy as my mom and I have seen at other arts & crafts fairs.

So if you are ever in the area during the last weekend in September, I highly recommend this fair.  That, and you can come visit me.  Please, please come visit me!

Crafts Enthusiast,

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