Monday, October 3, 2011


Today I was able to take a leisurely drive in the country to pick up Charlie who was out combining soybeans with Travis.  And by “drive in the country”, I mean down a dirt road that comes to the dead end and you have to keep on driving through the field to get to your destination.

This type of off-road driving was a first for me (surprise, surprise).  Previous off-roading would have been on my parent's manicured lawn in the suburbs to park since our family had more cars than our two-car garage and driveway could hold.  It has since been paved.

So I started on my way down the dirt road to nowhere (or the same road where I had been attacked by killer ladybugs).  This is a view looking back towards the farm.

Once I got to the edge of the world dead end I had to choose whether to drive through the cattails like they had done with the pick-ups and possibly get stuck…

Or take the scenic route and go around the slough.

I choose the latter.

I went around the tree line and I knew I was getting close as I could see clouds of soybean dust coming from the combines.

My sinuses and eyes will never be the same.  The city may have smog, but the country has dust and dirt.

It is a good thing that Travis told me to use the Blazer.  The sissy-but-gravel-stained-cars would have had quite a difficult time.

Here comes the in the haul for the hand off.

Charlie LOVES combining.  Or tractors.  Or anything farm-related.

Can I just say that I am thrilled that soybean harvest is almost over?!


Charlie is a little more reluctant.  He would like harvest to last forever.

Sorry, Charlie.  Looks like we are just about done.

Putting a little drive in my country,

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