Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bison Homecoming

This weekend was Travis and my college homecoming in Fargo.  I have attended homecoming every year since 2002, except for last year when one of my friends decided it was a good weekend to get married in the Cities – and she went to NDSU.  It was a great wedding, but it made going this year all the more important as I have not been able to see my friends that often.

Travis was in the middle of soybean harvest, so I had to take the kids by myself (I was not going to miss it!).  Taking two kids age two and under to a large event with lots of people, sights and sounds could have been considered walking on the edge of disaster.  However, with the help of my friends, and especially my sister-in-law and brother-in-law (they went to NDSU too), we were able to make it through the day without any meltdowns…by me.

Our schedule for the day was to drive an hour to Fargo, find parking which is always a challenge around campus, watch the parade, and then go have brunch at my sorority house.  Anything accomplished thereafter besides getting the kids back to the car was considered a bonus.

The night before the parade Charlie and I talked a lot about what he was going to see.  After all, this parade was going to be much bigger than any other parade he had attended before (you can read about those events here and here).  I was able to get him asleep by 9pm (at least an hour past his regular bedtime) and he was up at 7am…get me some caffeine, stat.

Oh wait, I gave that up.  God help me.

When we got to our spot on University Drive the parade had not yet started, and Charlie was very concerned that there was no candy in his bucket.

But I told him that the parade was on its way, so no need to worry!

Thankfully, I never had any run-ins with these guys during my college career.

Not that there was any reason for me to have had an encounter with them…moving on.

Here are some of the highlights of the very long parade:

Gold Star Marching Band.

Now this is a marching band!

(Bison) Horns and all.

The new Bison statue.

NDSU alums can give a recommendation as to where to put the statue on campus here.

Homecoming King and Queen.

I don’t know them.


"What the hell is going on?!"
I know him.

The newbie’s to my sorority.

K-A-P-P-A, Kappa, K-A-P-P-A!  D-E-L-T-A, Kappa, D-E-L-T-A!

A pick-up truck limousine.

Frat boys…that is the only explaination.


…like Fargo really needs more ice on their roads.

A giant shopping cart.

Is that street legal?

And old tractors, which are a requirement for any North Dakota parade.

Charlie eventually understood that he had to wave to get candy…

So he waved at everyone - whether they were giving out candy or not.

Then he proceeded to eat every piece of candy that he had received.

And when I would not open it for him, he would go to his Auntie, who obliged every time.  Times 20.

It was a great day with great friends.  Here are just a few of my sorority girls.

Charlie, please learn to wipe your nose.  Thanks, Mama.

At the end of the parade the sorority members, both active and alumnae, circle in the middle of the street and do one of our chants. 

Boy, does that bring back some memories.  I absolutely loved my college experience and getting to see those people that I share those memories with made the trip all the more worth it.

And we did make it back to the car in one piece.

And made it to Target.  SUCCESS!

Go Bison!

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