Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barber Shop

This week we made an appointment to have Charlie’s haircut at the local barber shop.  Our town has one barber shop and one salon.  Travis went to the same barber shop when he was a kid, and has since returned, so it just seemed like the place to go.

In my fog of a memory, I can recall Charlie having six haircuts prior to this one.  I did the first three haircuts myself, and the last three at a place in our former suburb’s mall that was specifically designed for kids.

Here is Charlie getting his first haircut.  I remember contemplating whether I should really cut those precious locks, because as soon as I did his curly, baby hair would probably be gone.

I think that he was as sad as me to see a bit of his baby-look go.  We tried to make up for it in puffs and yogurt melts (for those of you who don't have children those are the snacks on his tray).

And then there was the infamous buzz cut.  It was summer.  It was hot.  He needed a haircut.  I didn’t feel like cutting my hands with the scissors as had happened in previous attempts, so out came the clippers.

Please notice “THE CLAW” like affect my hand has on his head.

He wasn’t too thrilled about that one.  This was the last full haircut I gave him myself.

I started taking him to Kid’s Hair in the mall thereafter.  Who wouldn’t want to watch Elmo while getting their hair trimmed?

It was St. Patrick’s Day, so the staff as festive.

He really liked going to this place because it was right next to the indoor play area at the mall, and he knew that getting his hair cut included lots of play time.

Oh, and Elmo.

For his most recent haircut, we headed to the barber shop on Thursday.

I wasn’t worried about Charlie freaking out during the haircut.  I just knew that it was a new place and he may have been a little shy.  But he had no problem and got right up in the chair.

He was very intrigued with the cigarette ash dispenser.  The barber lady said that she thought about having it removed when she had the chair restored, but kept it in there for nostalgia.  It is the number one kid distraction.  That and the TV in the corner.  The glazed over look with mouth agape is a key giveaway that he is staring at the TV.

He also got to feel the clippers.

There must have been some sort of safety mechanism on them so that he couldn’t hurt his fingers.  He was very amused.  After testing all of the equipment, his haircut began.

Levi was pretty amused too.  He is not bald, but he is far from needing a haircut.

Charlie then remembered what the spray bottle could do.  I recall being sprayed directly in the face over and over again during his first haircut.

When he was done he got to “fly” down in the chair…

And do a couple of spins...

And he was set to go!

He even got a special treat for being such a good client.  Will someone please inform the American Dental Association that my child has an addiction to candy?!

His haircut turned out fairly well.  It is a little short on the top, which is causing his hair to stick straight up...

But what little boy doesn’t look cute with a little Alfalfa going on?


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