Thursday, September 1, 2011

County Fair: Parade Edition

Last Saturday evening we attended our annual County Fair’s parade.  You can see more of what we participated in here.

Before the age of 5, my family lived in a smaller community where my parents managed a float for my mom's employer.  Apparently I rode on it in a parade or two; I am sure there are some incriminating photos in her basement somewhere, but I don't recall those events.

There are also parades in the suburbs and the cities, but we didn’t go to them.  The suburb that I grew up in, and where Travis and I had lived prior to moving to the farm, did not have parades, ever.  At college I attended one parade every year for Homecoming.  So I have gone to more parades than I have fairs, but not by much.

However, it seems to me that parades are more frequent in smaller communities, at least what I have heard from Travis’s relatives.  By more frequent I mean at least one parade in each surrounding community each summer.

This was not my first parade of the summer.  When we were visiting the farm over the 4th of July weekend we went to a small parade in one of the nearby towns.  But this was my first County Fair Parade, so let’s take a look!

(I apologize for some of the pictures now.  I was holding a 22.5 pound baby who was awoke from his nap to partake in the festivities.  He refused to be held by anyone but me.)

Hello, my name is Levi and I am a Momma’s boy.

(This is the only picture that I could get of Levi without his entire hand shoved in his mouth.)

There was local law enforcement.

Not sure if you can see it, but Elvis Presley called – he wants his sideburns back.

Local fire protection.


Antique cars.

Old tractors.

New tractors.


Thankfully they took the header off - that would have wiped out some of the audience.

John Deere marketing:  "Can easily house a family of three!"

Meanwhile, someone got bored and discovered that trees have leaves.

So, please pause for an intermission while I get the leaf scrapes out of the drool covered death grip my child has on them before he decides to eat them.

I spy a child and his father digging into the candy before the parade has even ended…

…back to the parade.

Horses.  Lots of horses.

It was for a good cause!

And I didn’t even notice any of them vandalize the street with manure!

Rodeo Queens.

Those are some flashy chaps.

Princess of some sort.

However, I would have expected her to be sitting on the back of a convertible, not standing in the back of a pick-up.

And, last but not least, horse(s) and buggy.

Hey Buddy, what’s in that red cup?  Can I have some?

At the end of the parade, we assessed the real purpose of our attendance.

Candy.  Check out Charlie’s (or should I say Travis’s) loot...

You see that freeze pop?  Yeah, that had a leak in it and we didn’t notice until hours later.  Now we have some really sticky wrapped candy.  I don’t think that will stop anyone from eating it.

Overall, I enjoyed this parade experience.  Yet, it seemed to be missing something: a marching band.  For the few parades that I have attended in my life, I always enjoyed listening to and watching the marching bands.  Apparently they are not common in small town North DakotaIt kind of makes sense to me: smaller schools, not a lot of funding for the uniforms, kids have other obligations during the summer (cattle, etc.).

But still a great time!  Please excuse me, I need to go take another ibuprofen.  For some reason my back is killing me.

Until next time,

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  1. Good job casually using farm talk in the description: "Thankfully they took the header off..."